International Journal Of Reality Therapy

The current issue, published Fall 2008, features the following articles....


Ahmad Jazimin JusohZuria MahmudNoriah Mohd Ishak
The Patterns of Reality Therapy Usage Among Malaysian Counselors

Juan Pablo Aljure Leon
Systems Thinking: The Key for the Creation of Truly Desired Futures

Adrian SchooMadeline Schoo
Internal Control Psychology in Chronic Disease Management: Using Choice Theory and Counseling

Christopher D. Brown
Continuum of Healthy Communication

Adrian Schoo
Counseling: Working with Different Personalities and Behaviors to Improve and Maintain Mental and Physical Well-Being

M. Ann ShillingfordOliver W. Edwards
Application of Choice Theory with a Student Whose Parent is Incarcerated: A Qualitative Case Study

Machination, Medication and Mutilation

Thomas E. Bratter
Waging War with a Gifted, Manipulative and Self-Mutilating Adolescent: Some Critical Thoughts

Patrick M. Hillis
Choice Theory, Metacognition and a Life Experience: Self-Intergiry Following Change

Joasn Hoogstad
Choice Theory and Emotional Dependency

Neresa B. MinatreaMartin C. Wesley
Reality Therapy Goes to the Dogs

Tierney Holmes
Using Reality Therapy to Influence Health Behaviors: Childhood Obesity


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