By Carleen and Bill Glasser
Several months ago we wrote toDr. Wubbolding expressing our support for teaching the procedures that lead to change as central to the mission of The William Glasser Institute. We now wish to state publicly that teaching the procedures (the WDEP system) continues to be an integral part of training participants wishing to learn choice theory and reality therapy and is particularly effective in our training programs. This system helps to formulate and deliver questions and offer mental health workers, educators, criminal justice personnel, organizations and others a practical method facilitating solutions that are internally motivational. Using these procedures enables people to change, i.e., to make more effective choices as individuals, and to create meaningful change within organizations. Without specific procedures used for establishing relationships based on trust, the desired environment for self-evaluation and behavioral change is unlikely. Teaching choice theory as an integral part of the procedures that lead to change is truly unique to our training as a way to counsel, manage, supervise, and coach. It is also an effective model for establishing a viable public mental health delivery system. As is often stated, “Choice theory is the track and reality therapy is the train.”


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